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      A  lady lies in bed and has so for a number of years.  She can not move any part of her body and exists because of a feeding tube.  A little brown poodle sits next to the resident in the bed. And all of a sudden, an arm comes up and strokes the dog. This simple action to you and me is a mammoth achievement for this person. Scenes like this happen routinely and are not unusual to a registered therapy dog. It is expected.  To the handler of the therapy dog it is nothing short of a miracle.  The act of holding and petting a dog and receiving a kiss or a wag of the tail brings a smile to every face these dogs encounter.

      Let me introduce you to our therapy dogs through these pictures. Words are not needed only eyes to see.

CinDonTherapyHug.jpg (21968 bytes)

CinDonTherapyBarbaraTP.jpg (27415 bytes)

Barbara with her therapy dogs: Charlie, Phil, Zoei and Shelby

CinDonLadyTherapyTP.jpg (24565 bytes)




 Therapy Dogs!

CinDonTherapyPhil.jpg (9161 bytes)

Am./Can. Ch. Cin-Don Hand Stand CGC ~ "Phil" nose to nose (up)

AnnabellebyaNose.jpg (40626 bytes)

Ch.AnnabelleChin.jpg (38666 bytes)

CinDonLady2TherapyTP.jpg (9548 bytes)

Charlie, Shelby, Phil and Zoei.participating in The Crop Walk to raise money for the Hungry of the World.