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Champion Toy Poodles, Japanese Chin and One Standard

The home of Champions .......Simon Wins Best in Show at the Purina National Red Carpet Event!

Click on "And One Standard"  to see more about Simon G!

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Located just off the shores of Lake Ontario in Niagara County and nestled in-between Lockport, NY and Burt NY, is Newfane.  It is a small village with the basic  store, post office, hardware store, bank and even a Chinese restaurant.  This is where Bev and her dogs call home.  Or should I say the dogs call home and allow Bev to live there?  No kennel here, only a dog 'lazy boy' recliner, a nice fireplace, and plenty of toys and loving to go around.

Twenty minutes from Newfane, in the town of Pendleton, resides Barbara and the rest of the Cin-Don poodles.  Pendleton is another small town sandwiched in-between Niagara Falls, NY and Buffalo, NY.  Pendleton does not have a Chinese restaurant!  But there is plenty room for some great runs in and through Barbara's gardens, and a king size bed to sleep in.  Many an hour is spent 'helping' her in the flower gardens and learning that you do not UN-PLANT what mom has just PLANTED!  If you happen to be a Cin-Don dog, you have to get used to having pictures taken at any given time.  A camera is just an extension of Barbara's arm.  So pull up a chair and meet some of our dogs.